Fee Schedule Effective September 1, 2017

Program & # of days

Monthly Rate

Toddlers Program

Toddler- 5


Toddler- 3




Preschool Program

Preschool -5


Preschool 3


Preschool -2


FDK Program

FDK Before & After 5


FDK After 5


FDK Before & After 3


FDK Before & After 2


FDK AM only


School age Program

School age Before & After -5


School age After -5


School age Before & After -3


School age Before & After -2


School age AM only


Additional program fees are based on weekly rates or per daily use



School age PA Day


Winter and March Break

$190 wkly

FDK Summer Camp

$246 wkly

School age Summer Camp

$230 wkly


  • Non-refundable $50 registration per child and $ 35 each subsequent child in the same family due upon registering.
  • 5% discount applied to second child in family on the lowest fee when enrolled in a 5 days per week program *
  • KCCE has a purchase of service agreement with the Region of York. For more information on fee assistance contact 1-888-703-5437
  • Fees are due the 1st of each month and collected by pre-authorized payment (PAP) FDK & School age Programs
  • FDK/School age fees are equal billed based on 10months operating cycle.
  • Winter and March break weeks have not been calculated in our fees, these are designated vacation weeks in our program. Your regular monthly fees are due for the Winter and March Break each year.

The fees submitted have been established as of May 29, 2017, based on best estimates of operating costs and other variables subject to existing legislation. The child care operator reserves the rights to modify these costs in the event of any legislative changes impacting costs or any other variables. These costs will be subject to acknowledgement of the Board in accordance with the Child Care Policy-YCDSB

Approved by KCCE Board of Directors June 27, 2017