The reason for this email is that I feel inclined to express my gratitude and praise for this wonderful organization. First of all, I would like to say that from day one, I have felt that Kids Connection is an extension of our family for Savanna and Avalina. They absolutely love all the teachers they have had over the years. You all go well beyond the call of duty. Avalina is really going to miss her most recent teacher, Ms. Shaphar, she is amazing!!! You all have made my job as a parent so much easier. I know when I drop my children off every day, they are in very good hands. Karen, I really appreciate how engaging you have been, you are very approachable, involved and on the ball, you really make the Centre the fantastic place that it is.

On a final note, your summer camp program was fantastic!! Savanna had a great time at Michael Jean. The electives were all really good, I never once heard that the day was boring. We will certainly enroll again next year!!

In closing, I just wanted to thank you all for being such a positive part of my children’s lives thus far. I know they will have many more great experiences as they continue with Before and after care, as well as all your elective camps.

Warm regards,
Jessica Leone

August 2017