Summer Camp 2016

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School Aged Children Summer Camp 2016

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School Age Children Grades 1-6 Summer Camp Registrations 2016

FDK Summer Camp 2016

FDK Summer Camp Package 2016

FDK Summer Camp Registration 2016

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Camp Lil Foot 2016

Camp Lil Foot Camp Package 2016

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Below is a list of electives/speciality camps that are full

Week 1

  • Tennis - 5
  • Bricks - 12
  • Culture Shock - 20
Week 2
  • Art - 18
  • Drama - 19
  • Karate - 7
Week 3
  • Art - 28
  • Drama - 22
  • Cooking - Full!!!!!!!!!!
Week 4
  • Basketball - Full!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Latin Drumming - 20
  • Everblast - 13
Week 5
  • Dynamix - 20
  • Soccer - 3
  • Bricks - 11
Week 6
  • Art - 20
  • Drama - 15
  • Karate - 4
Week 7
  • Art -
  • Drama - 15
  • Cooking - Full!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Week 8
  • Kids love tech - 6
  • Tennis - 10
  • Latin Drumming - 22

Summer Camp

The adventure begins in our Kids Connection Summer Camp Program. The children explore, collaborate, create friendships and learn new skills all summer long.

Each week has a different theme. Children explore all aspects of the program through special art projects, science experiments, technology and design, sports and team building activities.

Trips are vital elements to the summer program. Every week the children go on different trips. Trips in the past included Ontario Place, Centre Island, Blue Jays Game, Movies, Indoor Beach Volleyball, Toronto Zoo, Wave Pool, Kids Town Water Park, Laser Tag, Ontario Science Centre, Of Rock & Chalk and many more. Parents get weekly event calendars that highlight the special events for each day.


Specialty Electives provide a choice for the children to personalize their experience at summer camp. Children can choose from a variety of special electives. Past choices have included dance, drama, floor hockey, tennis, kids in the kitchen, art lessons, self defense, basketball and even gymnastics!! All electives are taught by qualified instructors that help the children develop new skills or re-enforce skills that they have, in a positive and fun environment.

Special Events build team spirit in our program. These have included a Survivor Challenge where children got into teams and competed in several challenges. At the end of the day we had a tribal council meeting around the sandbox where one team was declared the ultimate survivor! The older children also organized an indoor carnival and that day was filled with games, food and prizes. Outdoor carnival had several activity stations and a dunk tank!! On a hot summer day in August 2005 we had a SNOW DAY, complete with a snowball fight and snow angels!!

Lunches and snacks are provided for the children. So, parents can enjoy a hassle free summer of packing children's lunch bags. Lunches and snacks are well balanced, nutritious meals. All food allergies and restrictions are accommodated.

Children Playing with Blocks