About Us

Kids Connection Care and Education is a non-profit, charitable, community based organization, licensed under the Child Care Early Years Act of Ontario. We became incorporated in 1991 and operate with a volunteer Board of Directors elected from parents and community members. 


Provide inclusive, nurturing, and quality care for children and families in the diverse communities we serve.


A community that inspires our children to imagine infinite possibilities.

Join our Board

As a non-profit, charitable organization, Kids Connection Care and Education is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of parents, Executive Director and community members. This allows for greater parental involvement in the children’s programs. 

We all have one thing in common – OUR CHILDREN. We have an obligation to each other to make their program one of growth and happiness and of course to have some fun along the way.

For information to join the Board Of Directions, please  email us at contact@kidsconnectionce.com

Enter into the endeavour enthusiastically. Your rewards will be many!

Program Statement

The program focus is on the individual needs of the child, as well as the group needs. We offer a developmental program that are nurturing and offers a safe environment for children that is sensitive to the multicultural needs of our community. We view each child as being competent, capable and curious. Our program is built on the foundations of belonging, well-being, engagement and expression. These foundations are a vision for all children’s future potential and what they should experience every day. Strong connections with families, educators and the environment are vital for the healthy growth and development of young children in our program. These will be cultivated through the four foundations for learning Belonging, Well-Being, Engagement and Expression as outlined in “How Does Learning Happen”, Ontario Pedagogy for the Early Years.




Well Being