Preschool Program

Kids Connection Care and Education offers a developmentally appropriate Preschool Program for children ages 2 ½ years – 4 years. The children in our Preschool Program have many opportunities in a learning environment that is influenced by our continuous study of “How Does Learning Happen”. We view each child as being competent, capable and curious. Our program is built on the foundations of belonging, well-being, engagement and expression.

These foundations are a vision for all children’s future potential and what they should experience every day. Strong connections with families, educators and the environment are vital for the healthy growth and development of young children in our program. Our focus is on the individual needs of the children as well as the group needs. Overall, the Preschool Program reflects a philosophy of positive self-esteem, health, independence and a spirit of sharing, within a nurturing environment, which is sensitive to the multicultural needs of the community.

The foundations reflects a wholesome attitude towards education and care and invites children, teachers, and parents to support:

  • The development of strong relationships
  • An environment that encourages intuitive exploration and self-help competencies
  • On-going communication supporting language promotion and documentation
  • The respectful image of the child as being competent and capable
  • A curriculum that connects cognitive processes with imagination and is meaningful to immediate experiences


Please ensure ALL of your child’s belongings are labeled including indoor shoes, extra clothing, jackets/snow pants and back packs.

We ask that you dress children in comfortable clothes and communicate any special requests with your child’s teachers or the supervisor.

Here are a few things you might like to bring along to help ease your little one into a class:

  • A special blanket or soft toy
  • Extra clothes –include sweater, underwear and long pants (weather is unpredictable)
  • Appropriate jacket and outerwear. pants, hat & boots
  • Indoor shoes (with Velcro, no laces)
  • Pull Ups (if required)
  • Water Bottle
  • Helmet (for riding bikes/scooters)

Daily Schedule for Preschoolers:

This is what a typical day with our Preschoolers may look like. It teaches the children a sense of routine and consistency throughout their day. The schedule is flexible to the children’s interests, needs, and ideas. For your child to benefit from our program, we ask that children arrive by 9:00 am.

Sample Fall/Winter Schedule

7:00                 Centres open

7:30                 Morning snack open

9:00                 Planned learning activities

9:45                Washroom Routine

10:30              Outdoor Play/Morning Walk

11:15              Washroom Routine

11:30              Lunch Time

12:15             Washroom Routine

12:30              Nap Time/Quiet Time for children who do not sleep (activities offer)

2:30                Wake-Up/Washroom routine

3:00                Outdoor Play-weather permitting

4:00                Snack

4:30               Learning centre open/Literacy Block

5:30               Quiet Activities

6:00               Program Closed





Programming is done on a daily basis, based on the needs and interests of the children. We use The Humanics Developmental Assessment Tool in order to set goals for the children to learn and master through activities and learning opportunities provided for them. This is done in various learning areas.  We use HiMama to send daily reports to the parents regarding their child’s learning, meals as well as nap times. Contact Us to find out more about our Preschool Program serving Markham, Richmond Hill and Vaughan.